Frontend Developer (BE)

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Frontend Developer (BE)

Merapar is a European Cloud based services business. We are a AWS Advanced Consulting Partner looking to expand our team in Belgium to provide high quality service to our valued Belgian clients. 

Full-time · Belgium

About this position

You will be working in a team of frontend developer experts and assigned to one of our scrum-teams. With your team you will work on our bespoke media-tech and IoT solutions. You will join a skilled and motivated team, hit the ground running and think on your feet. We offer flexibility and freedom in return for passion and commitment.

We are looking for someone with already exposure to JavaScript, TypeScript, ES.NEXT, HTML5, React and CSS, knows how to select and use frameworks and has a feeling for UX. The frontends we are talking about are easy to use, dynamic dashboards used by operators to control our systems. Our main focus is not on make flashy marketing websites.'re going to like this position if you:

  • have a degree in Computer Science and at least 2 years of relevant work experience in this area

  • know about JavaScript, TypeScript, ES.NEXT, HTML5 and CSS

  • have worked with callbacks, promises and generators

  • are familiar with libraries such as React, Angular, Redux, Relay

  • like to automate everything including your tests

  • care about UX will be a fit for this position if you:

  • have a degree in computer science and already have relevant work experience in this area
  • are able to solve challenges using the best practices around, like TDD/BDD, SOLID and/or design patterns
  • hate to do the same things twice, and for that reason want to automate as much as possible

  • are resident in Belgium

  • can speak Dutch, but most importantly are fluent in English will receive a hero-cape when you:

  • have a lot of cloud experience in your backpack
  • want to share your knowledge with the rest of the company during our internal sharing moments, or as a presenter during our next Meetup


This is a full-time position based in Belgium (Herentals).

You should be prepared to travel within Belgium and be prepared to work on-site at the client’s premises on the occasions that the assignment requires it. Occasional European travel to our offices in Netherlands or Poland is also likely to be needed.

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We help globally recognised brands deliver groundbreaking digital experiences to their customers. We are a scale up but our founding members come from leading media and TV companies. In fact, the chances are last time you watched TV we played a part in bringing it to your screen. TV is where it all started for us, but we’re rapidly expanding into the IoT (Internet of Things) space and will make some exciting announcements there soon.